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Southeast Michigan’s drinking water comes from several surface water sources near the area.  Primarily, your water comes from Lake Huron and the Detroit River, which serves as the tributary to the Great Lakes.  While these sources may provide our area with beautiful views, many would be wary of drinking straight from these sources. On top of that, the water has to travel a long way between leaving the source and getting to your tap.

When your water comes from surface water sources, there are several factors that one should be aware of.  Surface water, which is water that comes from lakes, rivers, and similar water sources, can absorb contaminants that can be harmful for consumption.  While most of these contaminants are naturally-occurring biomaterials and minerals, they are still not something you want in your water.  This is made worse when warm temperatures come around, as they contribute to algal blooms and heighten water’s sensitivity to microorganism growth.

With Culligan of Ida, you can feel good about your water.  With great employees from the area, we have local knowledge of your specific water problems combined with Culligan’s more than 80 years of water treatment experience.  We’re proud to serve, and be a part of, Ida’s community for now and for years to come.  Regardless of the water problems that your home is experiencing, we will be able to customize a solution to your home and the water in it.  Learn more, today!

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